Morning of a Perfect DreamMature

         I rubbed it's fuzzy ears. The lamb laid it's head against my thigh's gently. I wanted to hug it and kiss it. I had named it Lambie, I thought it fit perfectly. As I rubed it's velvety ears I sipped a cup of rasberry tea. The tea glass was small, with pink roses gently making there way around the cups rim. The handle was so small one finger could bearly fit through it.

   A breeze swept through the bright green grasses, and blooming tree's branches. I loved this place. I never wanted to leave, but I couldn't think about leaving, than the valuable minutes I have left would be spent in despare.

     I closed my eyes and listened to nature. Small birds chirpped far away, singing happy tunes. A horse in a distant pasture nays as it gracefully galloped through the green field. Some where near I can hear a small bee's buzzing thier way from one flower to the next. I could stay like this forever.

       When the lamb started to grow restless I decide to get up, leting it run freely in the garden. I picked up my tea cup and walked into the small cottage. Immeditayl I walked over to a small trunk and pulled otu some "proper" clothing, right now I was only wearing a loose corset and night shift. I tried to tighten my corset, pull on a hoop skirt, an over skirt, and I tried to fasten a jacket over my corset. I wasn't sure If I had don't right, but it looked good. As gracefully as I could I walked across the field, carrying an apple to the horse. The dress/corset made me feel like a bird stuck in a cage, just wanting to tear it's way out...almost like my life in general.   

The End

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