Yes, tomorrowMature

        Today is now tomorow. Dreads begins to sink into my heart. My dreams were so realistic, so wonderful, and so perfect I didn't want to leave. Slowly and hesitantly I get up, throwing off my pajamas. Against my will I trudge to my closet and pull out a Calvin Klien bra/underware,  Juicey shirt, Gucci jeans, PINK bag full of books, Vogue sun glasses, and a pair of Channel boots. I yawned as I pulled everything over my head, not expecting my "friend" Erica to pop up on my webcam.

            "Cassandra? CASSANDRA?!" I exited my closet, turned a light on, and walked over to my desktop.

          "What?" I snapped.

          "School starts in twenty minutes and you BARELY dressed, it took my an hour this morning. Well anyway Tiffany is wearing 'choclate brown" mascara and wants was to wear some too."

           "If I had some I might." I wanted to turn of the webcam immeditaly. Did they really think I cared?

           "Well you've saved up for Vogue, Gucci, Channel, Burberry, Juicy, and PINK, I guess you need to start saving up for make up too...why can't you be rich like us?? I can't belive you ACTUALLY work Cassandra. I would never! Ecspicailly at a kiddie care place and an ice cream store! You need to quit! The lovely cloths you've saved up for the past three years are going to be trashed! I'll bring my makeup to school and let you borrow some. I can't belive I'm doing this."

              With that Erica was off.  I sighed and look up at the cieling, my dull cieling. Gradually me eyes looked at my dull walls, furnitiure, and vomity-borwn carpet. For the past three years I had done nothing but tried to "fit it". As a freshman I was going to get myself a new bed room set, but since became friends with Erica, Tiffany, and SicilyI had to save every penny for designer clothing. I began to wonder if it would be cheaper to go to China and buy look-alikes for two dollars.

         As a middle school student I got straight A's and was knowen as I nerd. Now that I am almost a senoir I am oen of the most popular kids in the school. Popularity and doing what people told me to do was becoming reality now. Classes, such as first, second, and third class was reality now. Buying clothing that cost your monthly paycheck was reality. Being mean to "second class" and igonring "third class" was reality now. I hated it. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if I were "third class". I could any friends I wanted and could act any way I wanted, but I cuoldn't change anything now. I had let Tifany and the others take over me.  I had let them scar me, control me, own me, and use me as a doll. The showed me off saying, "be our friends third/second class, and we show you what we can do! Look at this girly for example! Isn't she "perfect".....perfect......that word was another stab in the stomach.  

The End

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