Fin ('the end' in Spanish)Mature

I am not quite sure

My fingers tips brisk the grass. The grass was rough, but smooth. Wind gently tosseled my hair. A feeling of longing and depression overwhelems me. Why must I go back? Do I have to wake?

I tried not to focus on this...I tried only to focus on the sun slowely setting. It's rays touched the shimmering fountains water. The fountain was like a pool that stretched on for feet after feet. The cool evening almost calmed me, the graceful swaying tree's and grasses made my heart sink. When the last bit of sun would shrink down, I would have to wake up and face reality...reality...that word was like a stab in the stomach.

Once again I tried not to think abotu this. My eye's grew heavy, I couldn't fall asleep, I couldn't. If I, I can't think of this. The red sun started to disappear. Fireflies danced above the fountains water. My eye lids hovered. I let myself lay in the tall grass, a star shone violently above me...I would miss this place, but I knew that I would see it again tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow......

The End

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