Filling The Void

This is a short story I wrote awhile back. It is unfinished, and rough. There may be some mechanical errors, as I tend to struggle with commas. I am interested in feedback, and may eventually expand it.

    There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the warm rays of sun bend into an empty heart. 
The black cat blended into the forgotten landscape. Someone had left bowls of food and water, but no one wanted to stay with the lonely animal. Why would they, there was no need for them to feel the abandonment the cat faced. Most didn’t even know that the cat lived among the ruins, except for a girl. She probably wasn’t more than fourteen at most. The faded cotton dresses she wore were a pleasant splash of color in the disheveled landscape.  She would sit in the ruin and disarray of society, and wait for the cat to find her. They shared a connection, both lingered on the fringe of the world. 
    Soon, a relationship developed between the girl and the cat. The girl was nicknamed shadow and she called the cat, Moonbeam. For it was the bright spot in her life. Shadow seemed to have a hidden understanding with Moonbeam. They had first met the morning of her mother’s funeral, Shadow didn’t want to watch strangers peer at the cold frame of her mother. She didn’t understand why the city had even wanted to make the funeral public. Her mother didn’t know anybody, and nobody liked her. But still, the town came to see her dead body, and that was one thing Shadow had seen enough of. When her mother died, there was no one left.
    The morning of the funeral was overcast, misty and fog covered the ground mysteriously. Shadow left before the sun arose and ran to the rocks. Hiding in the cracks, hoping no one would find her. If no one found her then she wouldn’t have go to the funeral, or worse have to leave her home. 
    So there crouched beneath the world she hid, and when the sun still hadn’t broken through the clouds, Shadow felt it was an omen. She watched but expected at some point, that they would send the dogs out looking for her. As she waited she heard what sounded like a voice but there was no one around. She listened and peered into the darkness, there seemed to be movement, but not a body. Shadow held still, while the movement neared her. It wriggled before sitting at her feet in a collected stance. That was Moonbeam first made an appearance. Soon they both began to frequent that space. Shadow protected her Moonbeam, and in return Moonbeam kept an eye on his Shadow. No one ever found Shadow. It was decided that since the house already lay in the back ruin, they would just leave it there, to fall apart again. 
    Shadow had since removed what she wanted from it and left the town. She began to make a home out of the broken fragments of the landscape. The town had fenced off the unwanted fragments of the once great society. They had no use for them. The fairy tales of the past were used to draw up a mythology of the future. The parents frightened their children with stories of witches, and warlocks. Trolls were said to live in the woods, along with other terrible beings. The Town built up more fences and gates to keep its citizens safe, and keep the beasts out.
    This only made the divide much larger for Shadow, and she enjoyed it that way. She didn’t care if she was surrounded by the unsightly or the magical, after all her mother had been a witch and one that the town made sure to avoid. It wasn’t that her mother was by any means, wicked or evil. She just preferred nature over any technology that was offered. If an injection could cure a headache, so could a cup of tea. This had woman raised her daughter with the same mindset. When she died, the town wanted her daughter to join them. Once her protector was dead, they could take her and lock her up with the rest of the “unwanteds”.  But her mother has known this, and told Shadow to run and never look back or ask questions. She said to her, "Follow your soul and brain." "Don’t let them tell you that you should be locked up or put away." "That is what my mother told me." "I survived, but because you are young, they will want you even more."  Shadow took these words with her and held them close. So when the time came, it was only natural for her to run, and run far.

The End

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