Fille (the story of a very, very odd girl)Mature

The life of an odd girl

Sally North sat at her computer humming. it had been a relatively quiet night at the hospital. The gun shot victim the police brought in unfortunately remained heavily sedated and not yet attempted to escape. Dr. Kovacs was back on the wagon. Yes it was going to be a slow night.

Sally sighed plenty of time to catch up on her work. Not that she was ever really behind by hospital standards anyway. Everyone was always working double time always trying in vain to catch up.

There was a tiny knock on her counter. Sally looked up and saw her. A little redhaired girl. A strikingly beautiful girl. She couldn't be older than seven.  Sally gasped without thinking.

" Hello my name is Fille and I've lost my memory"

" How do you know your name is Fille, Darling?"Sally asked

Fille shrugged her shoulders and took a candy from the dish. She quickly popped it in her mouth and looked around at the people in the waiting room. She watched a women coughing into an overly used kleenex. A man staring too closely at the tv. A young women rocking an unconsable child...

" Honey, I want you stay right in the waiting room where I can see you okay?"

Fille nodded without looking at her and wandered right next to the coughing woman. Her name was Abby-Rochelle. She was a 31 but she told everyone she was 28. Even her own parents thought she was still 28. But maybe it was just wishful thinking on their part.

She was a priority patient. Whatever the hell that meant. She already had waited two hours. Where the fuck was the doctor? She had a meeting in the morning. One that could not be missed.

Abby felt  like she was underneath a heat lamp. She was being watched . she turned to her side and saw a little girl. She was folded up close with her knees at her neck  .The little girl was staring at her intently. Curiously. Clearly no one ever told her it was impolite to stare.

The little girl sighed and said " Won't be long now"

Abby sniffed and then said " Have you been waiting long?"

" No" She said

Sally thanked the lord that their was police already in the building. But first she would page pediatrics.

" Hello this is Sally at reception. There is an unaccompanied child down here possible brain injury"

" Ok I'll send for a doctor ASAP. " The voice at the other end sighed " But you know how it is"

Yes, Sally knew how it was more than any other. She was the one that got shouted at. She didn't control the weight time. She just worked there. Just another drone ant. No one listened to what she had to say.

" Poor baby" Abby cooed " He looks like he's in pain"

Fille rolled her eyes " He just has a high fever. They're just going to give him some tylenol and send him home."

" Oh it's a shame they dragged you a long too. Its such a late night for such a little girl" Abby said

Fille shrugged " I don't mind the darkness"

The End

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