Markos's scarsMature


I drive up the hill to Tops Hotel with Amy complaining most of the way.

“That was some birthday! I mean what did those sluts have that I don’t? I am triple d and those hot guys still went for those bimbos,” Amy pouts.

I fix my shades and hold my poker face. “You should be glad those guys didn’t hit on you last night. Their intentions were probably the worst imaginable.”

I manipulated them away from Amy on purpose. Those types of men make me mad, they are nothing but animals.

“You’re right, of course,” Amy sighs. “Anyway, we are getting awards tonight. I am excited about that, feels like my work is finally paying off.”

“Your work?” I ask, cockily.

She turns shy. “Fine, your work but hey we work as a team and that means at least part of the time, I am useful to your sales pitches.”

I laugh. “Yes, you are cutie.”

“Quit calling me that,” she says as I park the car.

We take our bags and clothing on hangers, and check into one room with two beds. I pay with my card. Amy does not know that I can have anything under my fingertips so with her around; I actually use my bank account. On the way to our room, we nod towards other Mercedes employees in acknowledgement.

Amy, being shy changes in the bathroom while I just change my shirt and sports jacket. I push in my thin wallet of one card deep into my front jean pocket and look through my phone. Text messages from interested girls. Too bad, those girls are not trustworthy like Amy.

I take off my shirt when Amy comes out from the bathroom, wearing a gray dress with gray shoes. She freezes, eyeing my back. I forgot she’s never seen my scars. I quickly put on my undershirt.

“You look great,” I turn and smile at her. “But I think red would have made you the life of the award ceremony.”

“Those…,” She catches herself after I lower my shades to give her a look. “I don’t have any red dresses.”

“Next time then,” I put on the dress shirt and sports jacket. “Let’s enjoy ourselves today. The ceremony will be boring as hell.” I pull her to me and look into her brown eyes, calming her mind about what she’s seen.

She smiles. “Yes, Markos, let’s make this night a memory.”

I take her purse and drop it on the bed. “You don’t need it today, and I know you freak out whenever you take it with you. The place will be filled with people, easy to misplace it.”

She nods.

We make our way out of our room, down the elevator and into the party. It is filled with rich men and women. But, it is also filled with people like Amy; people who are here only because of work or their connections to the rich.

I pick up two wine glasses from a passing waiter and look for our team member table. Earlier, boss said that he wanted his team to sit with him; he wanted to be a show off. I don’t care one way or another. After finding the table, I scan the room and note two people at the balcony. A woman with blue hair, at this hotel? Mercedes did not allow blue hair. She is not one of the team members. So the next question arises. Who is she, what is her purpose, and who is she talking to?

 I also notice two girls at the bar. One of them has short spiked blue hair and blue eyes.

“What is all with the blue?” Amy asks beside me, taking her seat at the table.

“Good question,” I reply.

There is something off about those two girls. This just got interesting.

I take a sip of my wine as a smile starts to form upon my lips. 

The End

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