The Firefly.Mature

I have successfully coned millions out of thousands of people along with the stealing various items. No one ever suspects The Firefly. 

Stepping out of the warm water of the swimming pool type Jacuzzi bathtub, a satisfied smile spreads across my red lips. I wrap a large white fluffy towel around my body, drying my pale smooth skin.

Painting my nails black, I stare at the two new dresses hanging on the closed bathroom door. None of them are paid for of course. One is a short, tight white, backless dress and the other is a long red one with a deep slit up the side and a low cut front. Last night, after seducing one of the high ranking employees of the Tops Hotel, I discovered that they are going to hold a function tonight inviting very rich guests. Tonight I need to fit in to steal everything those rich jerks have!

I need a dress to where now when I mingle and show my face downstairs in the casino, and the other for the function later on.

A smile touches my lips. When they realise that I have stolen from them, I will be long gone and all fingers will point to the man I slept with last night. Serves him right for cheating on his fiancée. I didn’t even need to manipulate his soul, suggesting him to commit adultery.

Drying my blue hair, I close my eyes and pick a dress, throwing it over my skin.

I run my fingers down the silky white backless dress as I turn my body left and right, admiring my reflection in the mirror. A smile touches my lips as I style my hair so the long blue waves cascade down my back.

The crimson in my eyes glistens from the large white marble surroundings in Tops Hotel presidential suite. I wink at my reflection as I walk away after slipping my feet into high blue heels.

Stepping into the decorative empty lift, I grimace at the stupidly annoying tune singing out of the lift speakers. With a swift kick, the music glitches before stooping completely. The door ping open out into the luxurious lobby with a small smile and a flirtatious sway of my hips.

I smile brightly as I converse as I gain information.

After flirting with a few of the hostesses on various gambling tables, I pick people’s pockets. One guy both won and lost over £10,000 in chips. Stupid man. He should have been paying attention to his surroundings rather than staring at my chest.

Standing at the bar, I sip a few Sex On The Beach cocktails whilst flirting with wealthy men in gorgeous suits. One man –I don’t care about his name- is going to the function later so I place my hand lightly onto his large chest.

As it gets later, the light outside is darkening as rich people begin to arrive.  

Going back up to my room, I hide my newly found wealth in my getaway rucksack case before changing into the tight red dress and black heels. I apply light blushed and another coat of rosy-red lip gloss before grabbing my purse and getting in the lift to the bottom floor. Within the lift there’s just another person, a young maintenance man in blue is trying to fix the speakers. Feeling his eyes on me, I smile at him, biting my bottom lips seductively.

The door pins open to the seventh floor.

Stepping out at the lift, I redo my lip gloss which is currently smeared over the maintenance man’s lips. Standing straight with my chin up, I walk into the function hall after being able to convince the doorman and women that I am some bigshot from Australia. My crimson eyes sparkle as I scan the already full room. All around me are colourful auras and sparkling jewels.

Placing a cigarette into my mouth, I grab a tall glass of champagne off a waiter’s tray as I walk out onto the balcony. I smile smugly as I can feel eyes on me. Yes, red was a good choice.

Tonight is going to be easy.

At least there are a few attractive people here who I can mess with to make it more enjoyable.

Once outside on the balcony, I light my cigarette, my eyes briefly transfixed by the flame as I breath in deeply as I lean against the barrier. The atmosphere around me changes as I feel the presence of someone standing next to me. “Smoking’s bad for you, Firefly.”    

The End

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