On the HouseMature

I hate rain, it’s cold, forces you indoor and when you live on the streets, it can kill you. Naturally my parents had decided to name me after that particular weather phenomenon.

“Should we go to the youth shelter?” Nancy asked, following behind me. Neither of us dressed to deal with the cold thundering shower. “We can’t stay out like this.”

Nancy and I had met a few months ago, both backpacking from city to city to get away from our families. Mine were the religious kind, Mormons, hers were the broken repentless alcoholic type.

“To spend the night in a small, dirty place with too much people? I have a better idea.” I said. I took her hand and we ran, dodging traffic, going uphill. It didn’t matter where you were in the city, you could easily see the Tops hotel, a nest of rich smug assholes overlooking the city. We walked inside and the clerk gave us an apprehensive stare. We didn’t look like clients.

“I’m sorry, ladies, but you’ll have to leave.” He said, he gazed sideways at what I presumed was the button to call security.

So I whammied him. It’s hard to explain, it’s just something I can do, force certain emotions to take over. For him, I chose overwhelming trust. I could have told him his entire family was dead and he’s take my word for it.

“I want to see the manager.” I said.

“Of course M’am.” He took his phone and dialled. “Hello, Mr. Hart, we have two ladies who wish to speak with you in the Lobby.” He then hung up and looked back at us. “Mr. Hart will be here any minute.

The man in question came down from the Elevator he looked at us and seemed disgusted, like he’d seen a roach inside of his hotel. Before he could speak, I whammied him too. Instead of trust, I fostered the desire to please us in his mind.

“We’d like a room. On the house.” I declared. “A good one.”

“Of course, I’ll have one prepared for you.”

One of the Valets came to guide us to our new room, not questioning his superior’s decision. They lead us to a very nice suite, with a large living room, a bathroom with a spa and the bedroom with a king sized bed.

Once the door was closed, Nancy looked at me.

“I wish I could do that thing you do.” She said. She knew everything, well not everything, just I could do things. “Wow, look at the TV.” It was a gigantic plasma wide screen that probably cost more than my parents made in a month. “Want to watch something?”

“I have a better idea what to do.”

I kissed her. She kissed back and I brought her to the bed…

After a long fun time, she fell asleep and I dressed back again and headed for the buffet. Unlike her, I didn’t sleep, ever. I just craved more excitement… There had to be something good to eat here.

The End

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