Pretty BoyMature


I park my Mercedes in the employee parking lot of the Mercedes dealership and get out. The sun is bright today. After fixing my shades, I put on my black sports jacket, unbutton the color button that I buttoned this morning and walk towards the employee break area. My hands lazily in jean pocket. Manager complained about jeans at first but then, he was persuaded. I smile as I enter the break room to see my best friend Amy, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“Morning, Amy,” I smile at her and watch her blush just like always.

“I hate it when you use your pick-up voice on me,” she pouts.

“Well, we are at work and I’m hoping to sell two cars at least,” I grab a coffee mug and pour myself a cup.

She raises an eyebrow at me. “Like, you ever have problems with selling. I think you are richer than the manager.”

I drink my coffee and we walk to the lobby. I watch her put on her phone earphones and log into her station.

Jim, another car sales guy, opens the main doors and fixes his tie. He notices me looking at him and comes over. Warrior spirit radiates from him; I like this quality of his.

He pokes my chest. “Pretty boy, I will sell two cars before you are able to.”

I smile. We are almost the same height. I’m 6’1 while he’s 6’0. “Good luck Jim. Just make sure no fights break out this time over a car. It’s just a car. You need to remember that.”

Last time, I manipulated the couple into an argument over a car. The husband wanted to buy the car from Jim, while the wife wanted to buy from me. Their emotions were see-through so I had a little fun. The husband ended up receiving a split lip from his wife and the wife was able to buy her black Mercedes. Jim is still sore about the whole situation, if only he knew that I was behind it.

Jim scowls at me. “Don’t ever mention D-Day to me, again.”

I continue with my coffee. “How long are you going to hold your hand on my chest? I mean, I don’t mind but that couple might take it the wrong way.”

Jim’s head turns fast to the doors. A couple in their fifties just came in. Then, he looks at me. “This conversation is not over.”

He then walks over to the couple.

“Welcome, welcome to our humble Mercedes dealership. My name is Jim, I can assistant in any way I can,” Jim announces loudly.

“Hey Markos?” Amy asks me, bringing my attention back to her. “Don’t forget it’s my birthday today. I am twenty-one today, you promised to show me your favorite bars.”

“I didn’t forget,” I smile. “I know just the place.”

The End

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