Phoenix Firefly.Mature

The sky above is growing angry as cold night air hisses through the naked branches of tremendous trees. No one dares go outside, not even animals, as they can sense the storm and know that whomever is caught up in it will greatly regret it fast. Zeus is angry. Again.

With a bright flash and a tremendous crack from above, the heavens open and thick droplets of water fall harshly like kamikaze planes. The sound of footsteps slapping against wet pavement is drowned out by the grievous storm.

Looking around, I slow my pace as I walk into a small but crowded coffee shop. I am soaked through, my long blue hair drips heavily onto the wooden floor. My crimson eyes scan the room, a small smile pulls at the corners of my lips as I can see many naïve auras.

Waiting in the long line for coffee, I smile softly at the buy waitress, causing her cheeks to flush. Moving forward, I bump into the man in front of me. He turns with an angry expression. “Oh Sir, I am so sorry.” I mutter, my eyes wide as I calm his aura. He shrugs and moves on. What an idiot.

More and more people bump into me as they enter and exit the shop.

By the time I get to the front, the waitress wo I smiled at was serving. Her eyes travel over me as she asks “What would you like?” She smiles brightly, her brown eyes sparkling. I lean against the counter, smiling back at her. “I fancy something alright.” Her pale face turns red as a nervous laugh escapes her lips. “Coffee. Black.” I walk to the door, waiting for the waitress to bring me my coffee.

She walks towards me, staring up at my 6”1 slim figure as she attempts to avoid her gaze. She passes my coffee in a take away cup as I hand her the money, my fingertips grazing her hand softly making her face turn to a brighter shade of red. I move my body close to her. “Maybe I should buy you a coffee and you can tell me more about yourself.” I grab her hip, pulling her closer.

“I-I’m very fl-flattered b-b-but I’m not gay. Sorry.” The waitress says flustered, moving herself away from me. I shrug with a smile, taking big gulps of the coffee. Her eyes widen. “C-careful, it’s steaming!” I finish the coffee and smile once again, winking before turning towards the door. A man around twenty stands in the way of the exit. I sway my hips, his eyes stuck on me. Pulling on his shirt, I kiss him deeply before pushing him away, walking out into the rain and away from the coffee shop.

I laugh into the rain as I walk into a lush forest. As I walk, I remove the backpack from my shoulders. After I open it, I smile as I look inside, seeing various wallets and jewellery which I have just stolen from everyone in that coffee shop. I didn’t need to change too many auras to do it either. Idiots.

The End

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