Children of the Gods.Mature


Author: H.C.Chapman.

Name: Phoenix Firefly.

Age: 18.

Parents: Hades.

Abilities: Quick reflexes like all with God blood. Phoenix is unable to burn and so can create and control fire as well as being able to manipulate the dead which progresses with time. Ever since she can remember, she has been able to see people’s souls, living or dead, and has discovered that her own emotions can change another’s aura at will.

Appearance: Phoenix is 6”1, long slim legs. Across her left shoulder is a birthmark in the shape of a phoenix, hence her name. She has long, wavy blue hair with bright crimson eyes and full red lips. She is slim but her muscles are firm.

Personality: She has a strong British accent. Phoenix has a short temper, as well as being impulsive, and has a mischievous nature which gets her into trouble frequently. She can be witty and laid back with a flirtatious attitude.

Brief History: Phoenix has never known either of her parents. She grew up in an orphanage from a very young age but due to her behaviour issues and playing with fire, she has never been adopted. Being bored easily, she is often breaking the rules to spark her interest.



Author: GardeniasCastle

Name: Markos

Age: 21

Parents: Ares and a human woman by the name of Cayenne.

Abilities: Manipulation, super strength

Appearance: 6'1, black hair. Red eyes. Sunglasses (always to cover the red eyes). Scars on his back.

Personality: Closed, trusts only his best friend Amy.

Brief History: Step father slashed him (scars on his back) until Markos was six. Step father was afraid of his red eyes and didn't trust the boy would grow up well so he tried teaching him how to be a proper member of society. At six, Markos found his abilities and the slashing stopped. At eighteen, after finishing high school, he moved out, got a job at Mercedes Dealership and started to live well.


Author: Erfranco.

Name: Gayle Ferreria

Age: 18

Parents: Apollo and a mortal woman named Mallory.

Abilities: Telepathy

Appearance: 5'10", black hair, gray eyes, tan skin.

Personality: Introverted, overthinker, poetic like his father.

Backstory: Gayle's father would check on him once a year, despite Zeus' orders not to associate with demigod children. His mother was spoiled by Apollo, giving her enough money to command a nation if she wanted to. Gayle disliked his eloquent life, and saw the greed behind his mother's eyes. So, he left home to travel the world at 16, in order to find his muse.



Author: Nerathul

Name: Rain Vitis

Age: 17

Parents: Dionysus, Mother is called Valeria

Abilities: Emotion Manipulation, Cause Inebriation with a touch

Appearance: Neon Blue short spiked hair, blue eyes, 5'5'' tall, willowy build. Latino ancestry from her mother.

Personality: Although extremely casual and outgoing, has difficulty creating functional, long duration interpersonal bonds. Rather Lazy and uses her power to get whatever she wants.

Brief History: Strict Christian family life never suited Rain, she always wanted to be friend with everyone, party have some fun. When that didn't pan out, she did what she thought was best: Pack her bags and go backpacking wherever the wind takes her, using her budding abilities to get whatever she needs to keep going.

The End

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