Best Friends, Worst Enemies

So my friend, Jade*, and I were friends all through sixth, seventh, and eight grade.

Execpt for one thing...

We fought, day in, day out.  Over stupid things, mostly.  Like once, I sent her a forward and she texted me back saying, "Don't send me forwards."  So what did I do?  I fowarded it back to her!  In response, she punched me when I got to school.


The thing is, Jade and I are oppisites.  She's cool, calm, and quiet.  I'm loud, obnoxious, and insane.  So whatever I did ticked her off.  Whether it be a joke, obbsessing over a book, or whatever, she got upset.  I swear she has ADHD or something.  Or that's me...  Haha she'd kill me for just saying that!

Well, we had our ups and downs.  For a few weeks we'd be friends, then we'd hate each other's guts and make Sue* pick one of us to be friends with.

There never really was a "huge fight", but more like a bunch of little battles.


*Names changed to protect identities.

The End

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