What is the biggest fight you ever had with a BFF (best friend forever)? Did you make up? Completely collaborative!

My friend, Kacy, and I had a HUGE fight. I'll call her Kacy because I won't put down her real name. Well, Kacy had been talking to Mary, another friend of mine, behind my back! Kacy said I was annoying, and told Mary that she liked to have a friend that was more human.

Of course, everyone knows that I'm a chicken, not a human. He he he. Anyway, Kacy also said I was rude. So, when she and I finally caught up and were chatting on the computer,Kacy said that, oh no, another friend of hers, Anna, had told Kacy that if Kacy didn't tell me that I was rude and all, she would tell Kacy's crush, Sammy, that Kacy liked him.

I'm still not sure if that's true... But anyway, Kacy later sent me a message. She said, "i promise i will never agen do that to u. i would rather Sammy know then u and i not be frends. i want u 2 know thet i ame soo soo soory and i mean thet i still want to be frends and if you dont that is okay. you r wright and i will never do that or anything heartful agen. i love u as a frend and i want you to know i alwas will."

Can you imagine the thoughtfullness and the power it must have taken her to say sorry? I felt really bad that I hadn't had the courage to say sorry first. Kacy might not have the best spelling or grammar but she will always be a very very good frend. I love her too!

This is a completely true story, and that is exactly what she wrote! I am very glad to have such a good friend!

The End

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