"Dakota Emily Perish!" I would reconize that voice anywhere. Aunt Melody. My eyes flew open and focused on the bland ceiling above me. I turned my head and saw my alarm clock blinking at me, 5:30.  I sighed and rolled out of bed. I pulled on my robe and walked down stairs. As I pulled my coffee mug out of a cubord I told Aunt Mel, "Remind me again, why I have to get up everyday at 5:30."

"Today's your first day of high school," Aunt Mel said.

"Which is exactly why I should've got a goodnight's sleep."

"Don't sass me, young lady," Aunt Mel said. "If your parents were here-" she broke off abruptly. I turned my attention to the mug I held in my two hands. My parents had died in plane crash last summer, therefore, I had spent most of the summer moving around from reletive to reletive until the school year would begin. Now, for the year, I was stuck with Aunt Mel.

"Um, do you have everything you need?" Aunt Mel tried to fill the uncomfortable silence.

"Yeah, yeah, I do." I quickly sipped my coffee, ignoring the burning on my tongue. I drained the cup and hurried back upstairs to get dressed. Today was the first day of my freshman year at Coldwater High School at Coldwater, Michigan. If I wanted to make a good impression - and finally pick up a boyfriend - I had to look presentable.

I opned my closet doors and rummaged through my wardrobe. 

The End

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