Fighting the Wonderful Wizard of OzMature

Ever wonder what would happen if in fact the four witches were the good ones and Oz in fact was evil. well. this is it baby.

join in if you want to. I have plans for you.

Three warriors stood tall before an army. Two men and a woman. “Well Rooky are you ready to roll the dice?” Maximus Lionous said. Maximus was a hulking man of 7 foot 8 inches. And he was built like a brick fortress. His armor was great golden color and was about 9 inches thick of pure nebulum. His head was covered in black hair that was bundled into a bun and his beard was clean cut and stood out from his face about 7 inches and came around like an ark. It was a grand, full, thick beard and he prided himself on it so.  Maximus spent a large amount of time working on it and tending to it he even painted it. Every other inch was black. His great and mighty arms were connected to hands that were the size of pigs, covered by assortments of claws and they held a huge hammer with a sword on the other end and a handful of dice. His very figure inspired fear in the eyes of mortals.


The man he was standing next to was a man called Rook Tinniam he was not as tall but he was armed to the teeth. He sported nebulum clad shoes that had as many tricks as the army they were facing had solders. The armor that covered his legs were filled with knives and hidden blades. The further up his armor you traveled the scarier he came across as. His chest piece and shoulder guards were one piece of armor but they were about a foot thick and filled with literally thousands of holes about half an inch in diameter, the back of his armor had fifty small spikes that could extend and three that were curved up over his head. On these he had mounted five skulls each. His armlets had four extra swords hidden in each and a concealed blade right under the hand that could extend. His helmet was equip with three spikes. One pointing forward, one strait up, and the last one was pointed strait down in the back. “Im ready to roll the dice if you have a full hand.” He said back to max checking his blades one last time before he used them. And laying down a full house. “it seems you owe me another ring of sog back at the cavern.


“both of you stop it. This army is not going to kill itself you know and every head we bring back is 2 pieces of gold.” The woman said. Her name was Dorothy and she wore a red dress and held two large containers which contained about 30 swords each. Her hair was about 4 feet long and she wore high heels with spikes pointing backwards on the heel. She was 6 foot 2 and had stunning white hair with several pink bangs for fashion.


The army was close now.


“Rook get ready with a broadside.” She said. Rook placed the cards down and got up. He faced the army and crouched low placing both hands on the ground. Large spikes shot out of his armlets and shoes into the ground. “body stabilized, gun conditions, perfect, aiming, targets located and locked on, preparing to fire. Fire authorized. Fire!” he said almost mechanically. His armor gave off a whining sound and all of the holes in his armor gave out a loud bang and a puff of smoke. Rook smiled as the bullets that were in his armor tore through there targets flesh and bone almost disintegrating them in a river of flesh and blood. “Three sixes I win.” Max said jumping off of Rooks slumped form and landed in the puddles of flesh with his hammer in striking position. “Now lets see how you measure up to me.” Max said before smashing his hammer into the ground sending the surrounding solders into the air. Bullets were shot from Rooks armor automatically and the solders landed on the ground with holes finely placed in there foreheads. Dorothy did not care for the frontlines instead she ran into the armies midst’s and stopped roughly around the middle.

She grabbed one of the containers and pulled a lever on its back. She did the same thing with the other one. Next she pointed one of them strait up and pushed a button on the underside. There was another loud sound and all of the swords shot up into the air.  A solder came at her with his spear and she pointed the other container towards him and fired, filling her foe and the foes behind him with many blades. By this time the blades shot up had started falling down upon the area she was in, slaughtering every one around her in a hail of steel. She grabbed the blade closest to her and sliced another surviving solder clean in half. She then threw it at another solder, killing him with a head shot, and grabbed another. This proses continued until the entire army of 8000 were dead. 

The End

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