Fighting the Current

An orphan boy finally gets to meet is father, who turns out to be a world-infamous hit man for hire. He wants to trust him and see the good in him, but will it turn out for the best, or will he be taken advantage of?

    Fondling the small scrap of paper in his hands, a boy nervously glanced around the play yard. Children were laughing, tossing balls and various other playthings to one another, climbing and jumping and shouting. But not this small boy, almost fragile in appearance, with skin that one could almost see through; no, this child was waiting, waiting for something. Soon that something came.
    With a shriek did the children clear the yard, almost flying as they leaped over surrounding fences and into classrooms. Here he was, Dryrhon LeLargue, entering the school just as the note had promised. A good six feet tall with all kinds of facial scars, a missing eye and leg, he was a sight even for the few lagging children unsure of who he was. As he approached the boy, who was now standing, his look of blood lust folded into a smiling face and his facial muscles twitched from lack of use.
    "How do you do?" he asked, extending a hand to the child.
    "Very well, LeLargue. I see that you're on time," he said politely.
    "I never miss a date. I believe you are my son?"
    "You were the one who said it," he reminded him, holding up the note. "I wouldn't go up to a convicted murderer if he wasn't supposedly related to me." Dryrhon's face grew tense for a moment, then relaxed.
    "I do what I have to to make a living. And the rewards I shall now share with you," he added, taking the boy's hand. Together they left the school, turning a corner until out of sight.

The End

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