Fighting the...

This is about love, life, family and friends. Fourteen year old Dakota Perish has enough on her plate with high school, boys and popularity, she doesn't have time to fight anything else. But when destiney comes knocking, something greater is stirring, something Dakota must fight. But the fight is one that can be won, but there's no way to survive.

Sometimes, things happen in life; things that no one can explain. They just happen for an unknown reason. Over the years, we have come up with terms describing these mysterious events: fate, karma and justice. Sometimes, however, these events do happen for a reason, the reason is just not apparant until years after the event has passed. The reason will reveal itself when time commands it to. Maybe the reason will never be revealed. Strange things have happened and stranger reasons are behind them.


That's what I called it when strange things began to happen to me. At first, I scoffed at the idea. Now, my life is in peril and things will never be the same.

My name's Dakota Perish and this is my story.

The End

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