“Why are you so eager? Haven’t you got anything better to do?”

          “No,” she admitted. “I’m not going back to school for sixth form, my parents are so laid back they’re practically horizontal and they really couldn’t care less if I spent three days or more searching for some random guy I’ve never met—as long as he didn’t care if he was found…” There it was again, that little frown which puckered her pretty forehead.

          “I don’t think any nineteen-year-old boy would mind being found by you, Lenna,” said Davide, surprising himself.

          “Thanks,” she replied, unsure of what to say to that. “Yeah, I’m fine with helping. So, as I said before, when shall I start? Now?”

          “Actually, we were thinking of calling it a day,” said Linda, looking at the clock. It was almost eight o’clock and they had not yet eaten an evening meal; her stomach was grumbling loudly and it seemed likely that Davide felt the same. “But if you come here at nine tomorrow morning, we’ll make a start then. Are you okay with that?”

          Arrangements were made and Lenna left. Jonathan approached the two still sitting in the lounge. “Who was that then? Pretty girl, she was. Something to do with Rich?” Then, hearing Linda’s stomach growl, he said, “Why, haven’t you eaten yet? For goodness sake, you need to look after yourselves a bit better. Get yourself over into the restaurant and have something to eat. It’s no use fretting over.”

          They weren’t fretting, but even so, food sounded like a good idea and they both deserted their maps gratefully. Within seconds they were seated, examining the menus. Without their knowledge, Jonathan was staring after them, trying to work out why that particular partnership disconcerted him so. The young, immature one, and the older, more professional one…all evidence pointed to arguments but they got on remarkably well and worked together as a team.

          So why did he feel uncomfortable, like they were hiding something? Why didn’t he trust them; why was he afraid to turn his back?

The End

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