oh my god

Gracie kept running just like she did before when Lillian was chasing her, she got to  the place were she had first come in, the dining room, wear she saw the feast that was set beautifly on the table. There was a woman standing there. "Hi." graated the woman turing around, then she stopped, she looked like she had seen a ghost

"Are you OK?" asked Gracie nervously, as she picked up a sausage off the table and began eating it!

"How rude!" scorched a defening voice from behind her, it was a tall plump woman, dressed formally, with her hair tighed back tightly, she had pearsing eyes and bushy eyebrows, and her face was overflowing with wrinkles!

"Its OK , Trudy." said Lillians mum softly "Leave her be."

"Hmph." sighed that terrerfying woman as she marched of.

"Is your name Gracie Marchell by any chance? asked Lillians mum, Lillian came in the room , her feet stomping, braking the arkward silence.

"Yes I am." Replyd Gracie

The End

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