Do you live here by yourself then?

"Do you live here by yourself then?" asked Gracie trying to get to know Lillian. Lillian didn't  answer, she wanted to change the subject but could not for the life of her think of a subject to change to. "Well do you?" asked Gracie a second time. Lilliann didn't answer again. She did not want them to be twins, she wanted them to be friends, she was scared that if Gracie found out about her mum then Gracie would become suspishos and want to know if that was her mum to. "Have I done something to afend you?" asked Gracie.

"I live with my mum!" blurted out Lillian, covering her mouth afterwoods as she did not mean to say that. Gracie smiled at her.

"Do you think" started Gracie, but then she saw the look on Lillians face "Are you  OK" asked Lillian, can I meet her  Lillian ?" 

"NO!" shouted Lillian bursting into tears, Gracie stared at her feeling hurt. Sudenly, they heard someone shout " Lillian your dinner is ready."

Gracie got up and looked at her once more. She unexpectedly began to charge down towards the dinning room where she had first come in. " GRACIE NO!" screemed Lillian as she got up a began to cry.


The End

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