No way No how

Gracie sat nervously on the beautiful bed. She thought and regretted what she had done, she let out a little whimper but covered it up so Lillian could not hear. She wiped her eyes and stuck out her leg to see if her shoe had been ruined. Lillian shook  her head and bend down to  help Gracie. Gracie saw a little mark. A birth mark she took hold of Lillian's foot. Lillian looked at her as if she was a bit strange and shook her leg to escape but Gracie held on firmly. Lillian saw that Gracie had tears in her eyes and bend down to comfort her. She moved away and sat on the other side of the bed. she put her leg on the bed and dragged Lillian's foot there and matched them up together the birth mark made a crown. Lillian escaped because she was scared. Gracie asked for Lillian's Birthday she said "June 25" Gracie said the same. She explained that she had never met her farther Lillian explained how she never met her mother. Lillian gasped and asked is they could of been twins or something. Gracie replied very nervously "no way no how".

The End

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