who are you

Gracie ran as fast as her legs could carry her without looking back, she wondered who it was and begged herself to look back, but she hung tight and kept running up the spirel staircase and into a beautiful room. In the room there was a bed with a pink devet embroided with tiny purple flowers around the edge. It was very neat so, even though she was worn out, she decided not to lie on it. She sat on a dull wooden chair and listen carefully to see if the person who was behind her was coming. She felt trapped. Like she would never go out again. She was Rapunzel trapped in the highest room of the tallest tower. Even though she was in her teens now she began muttering the story of Rapunzel, as it was her favorate childhood fairy tale. " There was once a poor man who lived with his wife, his wife was having a baby."   Sudenly she heard footsteps, she heard the door handle creak open. Her heart thumping, she got of her chair. Gracie charged over to the door and before the person had time to open it, she yanked it open herself. The person (who was a girl) screamed in astonishment which made Gracie scream as it startled her.

" H-h-h-hi." stuttered the girl who was about Gracie's age, " Who are you?"

Gracie was too terrified to talk, so thoughtlessly, she decided to just stare at the girl.

"I'm Lilian, who are you? Do you speak English?" the girl asked

" Yes I do speak English, and my name is Gracie." snapped Gracie. There was an awkward silemce for a few seconds, and to thier anstonishmet, a clap of thunder followed by a flash of lightning broke the silence. A shudder went down both the girls' spines.

The End

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