“Well” thought Gracie as she pondered the candle, there must be someone about. She decided to ‘fix-up’. This was something her mum useto say. Because even though she wasn’t allowed to talk about her mum or ask any questions NO-ONE could stop her thinking about her. No-one could stop her keeping alive the scant memories that she had, like the two of them dancing in the kitchen to Dizzee Rascalls tune Fix-up Look-sharp! To ‘Fix-Up’ meant to come out of ones present mood and adopt an attitude of readiness, of alertness, just generally a more positive attitude.  If she was crying then fix-up meant ‘dry your eyes’. If she had snot running down her nose then fix up meant wipe it. If your clothes were is disarray then fix up meant straighten them, if you were scowling then fix up meant smile. If you had a stinking attitude then fix up meant be sweet. And if you were scared then fix up meant….. well it meant FIX-UP!!! 


So taking a deep breath and sighing it out through her mouth, and then another, and then another, she fixed-up. What’s the worse that can happen she said to herself. My dad who is a monster wants to marry Christine who is also a monster. What could be worse than that It wouldn’t be so bad if they were nice friendly loving monsters like Shrek and Princess Fiona but oh no my parents are more like Fred and Rosemary West or Ian Brady and Myra Hindly. No longer afraid she called out in a loud singing confident voice. “HELLO?” As the echo of her voice died down a voice from someone standing directly behind her answered by whispering directly into her ear “Hello yourself”


The shock caused Gracie to scream and jump four feet into the air

The End

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