Fighting over love

its about a princess who is in love with a prince but he dosn't love her.

There was once a beautiful princess named Gracie Marchell, even though it was beautiful like her, she absolutaly hated it her name. Her dad, who she had to call father, was named Eric (she hated his name to) was the strictest person she has ever met! Her mother, who she was forbidden to talk about, had been throughn out of the palace years ago because she had come home only to be told by her seven year old daughter, who is now seventeen, that her husbond had taken of his wedding ring. The palace is his and they both sighned the devorce papers therefore she was throun out. she never new her mothers name, no-one would ever  tell her.

" Gracie, Gracie! Gracie come down here at once!" demand Eric from the bottem of the long golden spireld stair case as Gracie was coming down.

"Yes ,father." said Gracie politely

"I have somthing to tell you." he said sounding serius "me and christine are to be wed next mounth.

"Oh my god." thought Gracie " I hate christine, she hates me."

She ran upstairs, locked the door, tied some blankets together, absaled down the palace, and charged into the peaceful forest.

The End

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