New Developments

I've been here two days. The burns are completely faded now. I have a feeling that I won't fade away like the little boy with the scared blue eyes. I wish I could. I wish I could leave it all behind and move on. But I can't, not until I've tricked him back. With his bewitching, flickering flames and warm light. I hate fire, hate him! He lured me into that fireplace. He made me set fire to the house.

Well bully for him, but he won't have the last laugh. People can walk across hot coals without getting burnt so why can't I touch fire? I can and I will, no matter what. I set about trying to make a fire. I find matches behind the wooden bed in the top room that I sleep on.At first I can't grip the box. It slips through my fingers but then the matches catch my fingers and my hand is half inside the box half out. I begin to understand. I can touch wood, but not cardboard. I'm assuming that I can touch fire. The main question is, will it burn me?

I drop the box on tthe floor and matches spill out. Taking one I pushed the box against the wall with it. Then I manage to strike it and get a flame that lasts. I'm entranced by fire as always, I just want to reach out and touch him...


Note to self: do not touch fire. I stand and walk away from the matches. I won't try anymore. I'm just going to live in a lonely house for the rest of time. Will I last that long? I don't know anymore. I just want to die!

"Please, just kill me now! Let me go! Send me away from this awful place!"

Shouting to the heavens always makes me feel much better.

The End

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