fighting fire with fire

Based off the book Life As We Knew It, a young girl named Brooklyn and her family were living a normal life until friday of the 13th of July wildfires were randomly happening for three days straight. Brooklyn decides to do a school newspaper about the different disasters going on in Mystic Falls. Brooklyn is well known in her town so she is welcome to speak to anyone she likes. She talks to firefighter and finds out there is multiple fires going on. When she figures out the different disasters s

      Fighting Fire With Fire!!        

    July 12

                   Today I was outside working on a newspaper for the school. Me and my friend Heather have been thinking of random ideas for the newspaper. Heather came up with so many ideas that was even related to Mystic Falls or even Mystic Falls high school!

“How about a petting zoo!”, Heather said.

“ We don’t even have a petting zoo here Heather!”

“You’re the one that is doing the newspaper not me! I’m just trying to help with ideas.” We both laughed at that moment. We sat in complete silence till I had a really good idea about what I would write about.

“Oh my gosh! What about the news!”

Heather just looked at me like it was a boring idea.

“If it was about the news I wouldn’t want to read it you know.” Heather said

“I know but I think it's really cool, you know to understand what is going on in Mystic Falls.”

“Alright whatever you say.” Heather laughed.

“Besides I’m sort of popular here.”

Heather agreed like always.

July 13

           Today is my official birthday! I woke up with balloons everywhere in my room. I woke up in a super happy mood. The bad part is I still need to do that paper.

I walk downstairs and I see my little sister Katherine and my dad and mom waiting to say Happy Birthday! Of course I was happy and said thank you. We went out to eat at a breakfast place, I never knew the name because I don’t pay attention.

I told dad how hot it was and he agreed and said, “Let’s go to the water park!” I wanted to go but I was thinking about the newspaper for the school, so I told them I couldn’t. They understood. So I asked to go to Heather’s house and they said I could if I get my work done. Knowing me I always do. When I get to Heather’s house her dad told me happy birthday and gave me a gift. It was a fancy looking pen, not what i was hoping for but I didn’t care. When I got upstairs to see Heather she did a jump scare on me which was pay back to what I do to her all the time so it was okay. We started working on the planning of how we are going to get all the news about Mystic Falls and Heather said, “let’s do it the easy way and go meet people word the town,” So therefore we did. We met up with store owners and they all say the same thing, “it’s getting hotter and hotter everyday,” that concerned me and when I tried going all out on the whole interviewing everyone Heather reminded me it’s only a summer newspaper for the school. I knew that but why not go all out? We went to visit the firefighters and policemen they told us that there has been 4 wild fires happening. Heather and I looked at each other as if we were thinking the same thing. After we left the station Heather said, “Are you thinking of what I’m thinking?”

“Heat + Fire = Sun”

“Yes”, Heather replied

“Who knows we may be wrong, it may be the hottest summer we’ve had.”

July 14

Today is a fresh start again I’ve decided to research more about the crazy weather and fires we are having. Multiple people aren’t so weird because they think it is only as hot hot summer as in they don’t care. I at least care though because this is my hometown and I would like to know what is happening in the town.

July 15

I’m going to walk around Mystic Falls to see the “fires” going on. I’ve experienced only 1 but it was small. It is kind of scary if I say so myself. We can’t always stop fires I mean something bad can go wrong. I went back to Heather’s  to tell her what happen.

“Oh my, I’m kind of scared of what is going to happen.” Heather said.

“ I know our house has been losing power because of how much air conditioner we use like wow!”

“What if the sun comes too close to…”

“No it is not going to do that Heather”, I interrupted

“Okay…. Whatever you say Brooklyn.”

After I sat and talked to Heather we decided to take a break and go swimming in her pool. Me, Heather, and her two brothers went for a swimming and we played different pool games that were fun, like marco polo, chicken, things like that.

When I got home I went over the information I have collected and I think it is kind of scary but cool to know. One thing is people are going to think this is fake so I need proof on my information. I’ll go to sleep and try again tomorrow.

July 16

One of the houses next door caught on fire sadly one of the kittens died which is sad to me because I’m an animal lover. They are upset so we let them have some of our extra clothes and food so they can live. I felt like I was a good person. When my dad saw what happened to the family he told us we had to pack to leave so we wouldn't live through this problem which I kind of agreed with him because it is starting to scare me.

“Can I go tell Heather before we pack? Can I see if they can come with us?”,I said

“Why not! Yall too are best friends I’m not going to stop that.”, my dad told me.

When I got done talking to my dad I went to Heather’s house. When I got there she said she was moving like we were and I was happy and told her that I was moving too.

“Hey, let's ask if we can all go together survive together?”

“Of course that is a wonderful idea!”, Heather said.

We asked if we all can move together and they said it was fine because we would double the food and clothes. Besides me and Heather wear the same size clothes.

July 17

We have officially moved me and my family and Heather’s family is now on the road. We have seen 4 wildfires and it is started to spread so fast. When we tries to exit Mystic Falls a big tree fell when we were leaving so it blocked the exit. So we went the longer way. My dad told us we would be moving a lot because of how bad it is getting so like one night we will stop the R.V. and sleep then move again. Me personally is afraid of how hot our R.V. will get and we might break down, I don't want that.

“Do you think we are going to die?”, Katherine said.

“No, It will pass by soon.”

OF COURSE I had to lie she is only 6 I mean I can't just say,”yes we are going to die”, like who does that to their sister? NOT ME. We have parked and now we are going to sleep for the night.

July 18

It is 3 am…. I woke up to smoke in my face. I tried to find everyone but only me and Heather and Katherine were left here. I woke Katherine up and Heather because I’m worried of where our parents went. There is fire everywhere in the woods and it's hard to get out.

“Heather Wake UPPPP!” I said.

My little sister even tried helping but finally Heather woke up coughing because of the smoke.

“We have to try to get out of here.” I told Heather.

“Where is our parents?”

“I don’t know, I couldn’t find them. I think they left us here or it was super smoky and they couldn’t find us.”

I held on to Katherine’s hand and all of us started running. While we were running I looked back and tripped and when I found out what I tried on it was my mom and dad.. Dead. I started yelling and crying because I knew it was only me and my sister and Heather. I was questioning myself, how are we going to survive. When Heather caught up to us she saw they my parents were dead and she started crying but helped us up so we can start running again. While we were running I made Heather hold Katherine's hand so that way I could run further to see if we were close to the road. When I stopped a BIG tree fell right in front of me and almost killed me. I ran for my life back to Heather. Heather was sitting down holding Katherine because she was slowly dying because of the smoke. She is only 6 and I knew she wouldn’t be able to run any further. We sat with her till she finally died. I cried but me and Heather kept running away. Soon enough we gave up because we could never find the road, the smoke was to thick. We both couldn’t breathe so we knew we were going to die. We agreed to sit and die slowly next to Katherine when we went back to see her.

July 19

Everyone in Brooklyn and Heather’s family died.

The End

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