Journey to the Captain

Rick and his companians Wilkins and Bern walked towards Captain Lamark and the rest of the Plague Scouts. Rick was not sure what he was meant to be doing now. Apparently neither did WIlkins or Bern. He thought maybe he should try to mingle with the rest of the elites. But what would he say? They're the enemy there's not meant to be idle chit chat there. Rick then thought maybe they should look the part first of all, none of them were armoured or masked in the way of the elites.

"I'm going to go get us some armour and masks before we meet the Captain." Rick said to Wilkins and Bern.

"Aye that would be a good idea." Bern said. Wilkins stayed silent, neither of them knew what to expect when they got there and whether they would look the part or not. But Wilkins doubted it the most out of all three of them.

Rick walked off towards the Sergeant.

"Sergeant," he said and then Sergeant Gray stopped and turned to look at him, so he decided to continue; "I think that me and my friends will be needing armour and masks to look like we are under your command, because right now we stick out like a horse in a field of chickens."

"Ah," Gray said, "yes you will be needing that, we've got nothing on us now because of course, we try to travel light, it makes us quicker on our feet you see. So before we go to see the Captain we will supply you."

"How can you be travelling light Sergeant? that armour could withstand a bow shot at point blank range." Rick speculated.

"I thought you would never ask, you see this armour has the properties of 1 foot of titanium but the weight of a normal leather hauberk." Gray answered.

"Really? It looks so much heavier than that." Rick replied

"Don't make me tell you twice soldier."

"Yes sir."

"Go talk to some of the other elites, get to know them."

"Yes sir."

Rick walked back to his three friends and told them exactly what he had been told.

"Oh god, it's going to be a long day . . ." Wilkins said.

The End

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