The Plague Chases

Rick was preparing his men to leave, taking one last glimpse at the enemy forces to make sure that they were doing what his first instincts suggested. They were still heading in the same direction but they seemed to have slowed up a little. Perhaps issuing orders? He thought to himself. Convinced that the enemy was still going the same way he led his men back towards the Ealdorman. He knew the Ealdorman would not be happy, but he would be even less happy if he didn't even know what was happening. Rick knew he may be questioned on his decision to run back to the Ealdorman and he was already preparing what he would say; there was a gigantic force of Plague Soldiers heading towards their newly found scout post.

As they were running back to the Ealdorman a bolt fired from a powerful crossbow shot from somewhere behind whizzed past him, bearly missing his ear.

"What's going on?" Said Bern, one of his scouts.

"A crossbow bolt . . .skimmed past me." Rick replied.

"I think we all know that, but who was it?" They looked behind to see if anyone was following, but no one could be seen. Suddenly another bolt slammed past them catching one of the scouts fingers and taking it clean off, he shrieked in agony, clutching his finger hard.

"Show yourself!" Shouted a rather large, flat faced scout, " You're all cowards!" He exclaimed pointing around where the bolts came from.

That scout got shot by another bolt in the neck. They all took the hint and started to run, but seemingly out of nowhere a net dropped from above them. There was some struggling but it slowly subsided as they realised that they had been captured, like mice.

"What happens now?" Bern asked at no one inparticular.

"God knows." Said Rick, distraught that they had been caught so easily.

They looked around them to look for who did this to them but there was nothing. Then from out of the trees burst a squad of masked men in finely crafted, ash covered mail coat.

"The devil's bounty hunters . . ." One of the four remaining scouts remarked.

The End

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