The Other Side

Captain Lemark knew the plan, but his troops didn't, they thought they were just an ordinary foraging party running from enemy troops, but they were so much more than that. If their plan was to succeed then the whole resistance forced could be crushed within one day, and Lemark never failed.

His men were wondering why they had turned around towards the enemy, his Sergeants were questioning him in turns, he would tell them nothing, if this plan was to work then they would need great secrecy, it was daring to even try. The resistance may have had less troops than the army trailing to their right, but the enemy had more men than he had and were not to be taken lightly.

The resistance started out as a rumour spreading through their ranks, none of the officers thought anything of it, not even Lemark did. The day that all changed was when Yalite was taken by Lemark himself quite easily, but little had they expected that right beneath them there was a strike force of three thousand warriors just waiting for the right moment. That right moment had been when Lemark had gone hunting and sent other parties foraging, half the garrison was outside of the city, then they striked. They killed every single one of his troops in the city, his younger brother tried to escape but an archer shot him down before he could get out of range. He spent time thinking of that day when he came back to see his brother die in front of him, picturing the face of the archer and wishing how much he wanted him to burn in Hell.

"Sir, there are half a dozen enemy scouts on that hill." Said one of his Sergeants.

"What?" Lemark demanded and snatched a telescope from his side. He looked through it and saw the archer that killed his brother, he was filled with rage but more importantly, these six men could make sure that they're plan fails, he hated failure.

"Sergeant," said Lemark.

"Yes sir?" Asked the Sergeant, knowing that he was going to have a difficult assignment. But Lemark knew that Sergeant well, and that he liked difficult assignments.

"I want you to pick your usual men and go catch those men, and eliminate them."

"Yes sir." Replied the Sergeant with a salute.

Lemark knew that his Sergeant could do this, for they were his elites and Sergeant Gray was their commander.

The End

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