Fighters of the Dark Plague

A army from a whole different world has swept the lands of Haddax like a dark plague. They came so quickly that there was no time to rally a defensive army against them, but there is one person, Ealdorman Johanna, who was always ready. This is not his story though, oh no, this is the story of Rick Nahaleigh, Haddax's greatest scout and archer.

Sergeant Rick Nagaleigh dropped into the valley from the crag roughly 20 feet high. That was an easy drop for him . . . 

After twisting his head left and right he decided that the area was free of Plague Soldiers.

"It's safe!" He shouted up at the half dozen other scouts who was sent with him. They made a very clever system - or what they all thought was clever at the time - one of the scouts were to go back to the Ealdorman every hour to make a detailed report of what they had seen so far. They started off with a dozen scouts, Rick counted that as 6 hours spent scouting ahead of the main column for the Plague Soldiers.

The main column of the Ealdorman's troops had been chasing a party of about 200 men. They intended to catch this party, question the officers as to the where abouts of the nearest column of Plague Soldiers and kill them all - no prisoners. Rick was the leader of these bunch of men, all of the vagabonds or rogues hired by Ealdorman Johanna.

The party saw a hill which looked like an excellent view point to find out which direction the enemy party was heading. The hill has one single tree on top of it and a large flat rock, one of the people with less wit than the rest remarked:

"Hey, it kind of looks like a table."

Rick stood on this stone table and saw the dust left behind from the party marching. They seemed to be doing a U-turn, back towards the Ealdorman. Rick pointed at one of the scouts - the fastest scout with him.

"Go inform the Ealdorman." Rick commanded.

"But it's not been an hour yet." The scout protested. Rick walked to him and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.

"Can you not see that? They're turning for the Ealdorman's army, he needs  to be told now." 

"Yes sir." Said the man, now frightened. And with that the man ran off to report to the Ealdorman.

"Sir!" One of the other scouts shouted, seemingly anxious or worried.

"What Wilkins?" Rick asked, broken from his rage.

"Look there sir." Wilkins pointed towards the far end of the forest. There was the faint glimmer of sun on shields, armour and weaponry.

"God's teeth." One of the scouts cursed. And quite rightly, for this was the largest army of Plague Soldiers that any of them had seen in their eight years of service with the Ealdorman.

The End

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