Mislead, Much??Mature

Lunch is a very interesting time of day. We relax. We talk. We ingest flavorless mush. But most important, it is the he-said/she-said time of the day. Carter won't look at me. He doesn't acknowledge my existence. Thats fucking bullshit. I did something very,very wrong and he doesn't even give me a second thought.

I walk past his table, making sure he saw me. He turned and kept talking to Rachel. What. A. Douchebag.


Paul is a one of a kind guy. He's smart, geeky, sensitive, and funny. Sometimes I feel a little weirded out by him, but I trust this kid with my life. I really do. I tell him about Carter. The whole thing. The beginning. The middle. The end. He says he isn't judging me, but I know he is. I hope he doesn't take this as me being a whore, which he would be totally right in doing.

Can life get any sweeter?

The End

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