Eyes of an Angry FatherMature

I felt electrified, jazzed, high, and any other adjective you can think of to describe that emotion as I went home. I am un excited about a vocal concert I have to do later, but this spark of energy keeps me going.

My mom pulls up to the school later that night. I, still doing my braids, run out of the car and into the school. The other kids are still setting up for the audience. I grab a few chairs and drag them into place. My already scarce enthusiasm slips away even more with every grandparent and baby sister filing into the folding chairs.

I stand amongst my peers on the risers, waiting for my ass-hole of a vocal teacher to start the freaking concert. As I scan the audience, my eyes lock onto a pair of angry brown eyes that are glaring into me. OH. SHIT. Even as the music starts for our first song to sing, my eyes are glued to the vicious corneas of someone who hates me more than anyone else in the whole world. These are the eyes of Will's dad.

Why all the hate? I am Will's ex-girlfriend. Will told them I am a bitchy, self-centered, unfeeling whore and that will was the freaking innocent saint that I pulled down the wrong path when I "begged him to have sex with me". well it's a good thing I didn't or else it would be a lot worse. I mean, it's not like he was that nice to me when I was his baby boy's lovey-kins. And the pictures didn't help my case. The whole family is in on it too. It's like every freaking night at their house is probably Katie-Taylor- hate-o-rama.

I scramble to start singing as I tear my eyes away from his to focus on the conductor. I can literally feel him trying to incinerate me where I stand. KILLMENOW.

For our last song, a few of the Majors sing with us. And guess who stands next to me. Will Freaking Benson. Perfect. I have discovered a new circle in hell: It's for the whore's and the ass-holes who are standing next to them.

I ignore him the best I can. As soon as Jordan stops playing piano, I bolt of the risers as fast as my legs can take me. You know why?

Because I hate Will Benson.

The End

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