After School AdventureMature

Today seemed endless. Each class dragged longer than I would have thought possible. I decided to stay after school to hang out with one of my friends, Annie. Then Carter showed up. He sits next to is, and doesn't take his eyes off of me for the next 30 minutes as we wait for Annie's dad to pick her up. The minute he showed up and Annie said goodbye, Carter told me he had something to show me. I followed him down the stairs and then behind them.

"So, Carter, what did you want to--"
His lips silenced mine. Well, technically his tongue did, but you get the point. I know Carter very well, so I knew what would come next. My arms lock around his neck nad I pull myself closer. We mash for another 15 minutes before I change. I unlock my arms and trace my way down to his pants. My hands were so shakey, I couldnt even undo his belt. He laughs, a short, dizzy laugh and unbuckles them for me.

I fearlessly reach into his navy blue boxers and grabbed him. The second my skin touched his, he changed into a whole new Carter. He was aggressive, but not in a bad way. My back was up against the wall and he was everywhere. I did not stop touching him...

Then I heard an awful noise. A phone vibrating. Out of breath at this point he whispered "Mine or yours?". I knew it was mine so I pulled out my phone, without letting go of him. I read the text and in a suddenly panicked state, I let go. It was my mother, she was in the lobby and ready to leave! He pulled up his pants while I fixed my dress, that was nearly off. I ran up the stairs saying "I'm so sorry Carter! Message me on Facebook!"

And I felt Amazing.

The End

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