Fight Back!Mature

The Story of my insane teenage life. All of the story is true, but all of the names have been changed.


"Back off. Why can't you people just back the hell away and let me live? I've made my mistakes, but it's not your job to call me things like slut or whore or say things like "ew that's so gross". It's my life. My decisions. If i want to sleep with 50 guys or none at all, it's my choice to make. So if you would be so kind as to leave me the fuck alone, i'd really appriciate it"

Mistake after mistake, I dig my grave. I send pictures of myself to Will, I make out with John, and I go even farther with Carter. What's wrong with me? Do I really hate myself so much that I let guys (plural, yikes!) use me? Do I not value my innocence? damn. And now I push my best friend, my rock, the person I tell EVERYTHING to, Juliet, away from me? I am so messed up.

And I think I know It's wrong. I know I shouldn't be so revoltingly easy, but I can't help it. Will, John, Carter- they are just boys who don't give a shit about me. they only like the way I look. That's fine though, because I only use them for the atterntion. But it's still so damn hard when time after time they use me for their sexual conquests and leave when they get it. They get high-fives and I get called the worst names imaginable. It sucks.

What's almost harder is keeping it from my mom. I mean, someone told Mr. Mason (the disciplinarian) about Will, so my mom knows about that. She sorta knows about John too, but none of the disgusting details. And she DEFINATELY doesnt know about Carter. I don't think that I want to know about Carter, myself.

I need to straighten my life out- and soon- before I fuck it up beyond repair.

The End

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