Chapter 2 - I know, I know, very exciting :/

This weekend Lottie and I spent most of the time either in my room, typing away or in Cafe Nero talking about what had happened on Friday afternoon. We also discussed what was going to happen and how I was going to win him over. Well, more like fantasised as we both know it’s not a possibility, only in my dreams maybe.

However, even though I know that nothing happened, or is going to, or it didn’t mean anything to Matthew, my chest is still fluttering and my heart accelerating as I take my seat in registration. One seat next to me is filled, by Lottie. The other empty, as usual. No one ever sits beside me... oh my days. Here he comes, he’s coming this way, is He’s not looking at me. Wait, yes he is. And he’s waving!

“Morning Vinny, Charlotte.” Even though he greets us both, he’s looking and smiling at me. But for a second I have to look behind me to see the look on the Royals’ faces, what a picture. Back to the magnificent sight in front of me. Correction, the magnificent sight sitting next to me. All year that seat has been empty, until now I thought. Quick, say something, anything!

“Nice weather we’re having.” Good God, there’s no hope for me. Lottie is trying to hold back a giggle, so I kick her under the table. Don’t embarrass me, not now. Please! Sensation to giggle gone, replaced by a violent urge..

“Yeah, I think so. Perfect to go for a walk, right?” There’s that dazzling smile, “I was wondering if you’d like to have lunch with me today. We could eat outside, but only if you want to.” Wow, I can’t believe that actually worked.

“Well I suppose that would be alright, I mean, even though as usual Miss Brewers found something wrong with my coursework, and I should work on it at lunch...” I smile at him, hoping he gets the message. He does.

“I could  help you with it if you like. How about we go over it at lunch?” Both of us start laughing. I decide to put him out of his misery and just say,

“Why not? Go on then, I’ll see you later on then.” YES! I’m having lunch with Matthew Hughes. Mrs Lavinia Hughes, (I start silently humming the bridal march inside my head)...

“Vin, I’ll just catch you later. I’ve got to go now, I’ve got a...thing on.” Lottie just picked up her bag, and walked away. Oh no, now I feel really guilty. She’s my best friend, but I’ve just completely forgotten about her. She’ll be alone this lunch. Hm..

“Matt, do you think Lottie could join us? I know she would appreciate some help too,” ok, that sounded sort of convincing. I turn round to look at a now smiling Lottie. She just winks at me and waves as she leaves the classroom. End of registration, wow. That went quickly, how long was I daydreaming for? I must have looked like a right idiot staring into space for all that time.


Lunch came and went, as did the afternoon where Matthew and I sat in Nero’s. We made each other laugh, he kept smiling at me. I couldn’t believe it was happening. But even though that afternoon was amazing, today is going to be even better.

We broke up from school yesterday, and went to Cafe Nero’s for the fifth time this week. Before Matt said goodbye he asked for my number and then invited me to ice skating. At the moment I’m just queuing to get my skates, Matt’s already on the ice. God he looks so gorgeous in those tight skinny jeans...stop Vin. Don’t let yourself get carried away. Actually, he’s kind of good at this. Really good in fact, so do not screw this up by falling over and embarrassing yourself.


“Size 8 please,” yes, I know. I have big feet, well for my height, for a girl. One of the reasons why I’m always tripping over mum says, my feet are too big so I fall over them. Which is true, I trip myself up rather a lot. But not today, today I am graceful and elegANT.

The first step on the ice and I slip. Luckily I am able to grab hold of some poor woman’s arm so I can pull myself up. After apologising I quickly look around to find Matt. His back’s turned, thank goodness. He didn’t see.

Ok, careful Vin. Easy, easy, woah. Ok, ice skating, not good for the uncoordinated. Why the heck did I agree to this?

“Morning,” oh yeah. That’s why. Trying my hardest not to blush because of the sweet smile inches away from mine, I say,

“Morning Matt. I could do with some help again, would you mind holding my arm?” Wow, I’m impressed. That came out very calm, and he’s buying it!

“My pleasure Vinny, I’ll go slow until you get the hang of it. Once you’ve practiced you’ll be more confident.” Despite the ice, his hands are warm. He slips his fingers through mine and holds onto me firmly, but with affection. Could he be any more brilliant? Is this actually happening to me? Me?

I keep expecting to fall over, bang my head and realise it’s all a dream. But instead we skate, hand in hand, for an hour until Matt wants to take a break.

“You’re doing really well Vinny, but I think you should rest for a bit. I’ll get us some drinks, just wait over there for me.” He points to some seats outside the ice rink. Wait, what? He’s just going to leave me? How on earth does he expect me to get all the way over there?  He smiles, turns and skates away. Really quickly. But at least if I fall over now he won’t see.

Careful, careful, easy does it. Graceful and elegant remember. Just take it slow... it’s working. I am actually skating, (even if it is at snail pace) without falling over. I’m doing it. I’m doing it!

“AHHH!” I start screaming as I’m knocked off of my skates. Someone has just gone straight into me, pushing me over. I’m falling, this is going to... feel really nice?

“Got you,” says a calming voice. Matt’s strong arms surround me, keeping me safe. He puts me back on my feet.

“Thank you, I fell..” before I can finish his lips touch mine.


My first kiss was everything I hoped it would be. I was head over heels for him there and then, falling faster every day. I’d always liked him, but this. This was something else. I had never known that I could feel that much, that strongly about one person or want them beside me so much.

For most of the summer we weren’t able to see each other. My parents didn’t like me going out much as a teenager, thought I had too large a social life. Meeting Lottie at the park once a week seemed like too much for them. I’ve always been a terrible liar, so it was hard for me to meet him secretly. But we did anyway, just when our parents were unaware of course. (We also sent a lot of messages to each other)But nothing could stop me from loving him. However, someone else could stop him from loving me. Why did Taylor have to be right?

The End

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