You Make Me Sick!Mature

Paige hurried downstairs in her four inch heels and a dress why too short for the cool temperature outside.

“You’re going to catch a cold dressed like that,” I made myself say, trying to hold back the angry tears and keep myself from slapping her.

Paige spotted her phone between my clenched fists.

“You bitch!” She screamed. “Not only do you read my messages, but you try to break my phone as well!” She attempted to snatch it from my clasp. Her red nails scraped against my knuckles and I flinched in pain. I still would not let go.

“You’re not going anywhere tonight,” I said through clenched teeth.

A knock at the door interrupted our argument. I shot my younger sister a menacing smirk and whirled around to open the door before she could stop me.

I saw you on our porch, leaning casually with an easy smile stretched across your face. It was as sexual as mine was malicious. When you realised within a split second that it was not my sister answering the door, your alluring expression turned to guilt. In the awkward silence I got the chance to notice that you were wearing the expensive pair of jeans that I bought you last summer.

Paige shouldered her way past me.

“Hello Mikey,” she said in a plasticised, sweet voice that makes any normal human being gag.

“Hey Paigey,” you cooed back, forgetting that I was standing there watching your every move. She snaked a skinny arm around yours and pulled you away from the porch. You did not hesitate to leave.

Without a second glance back at me, you helped her into your baby blue truck – the one we used to make-out in when we were dating. You even gave her a soft kiss on her cheek before you drove away. I was left standing there, front door wide open, watching you speed off into the distance with my mouth clamped shut to keep from throwing up. Or screaming. I wasn’t even sure on what I was going to do anymore!

The End

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