A Fling With My Family?Mature

It was the day before college started. To say that I was excited would have been understatement. I was absolutely ecstatic! It didn’t even matter that you had applied to the same college. For once in a very long time, I didn’t care. Instead I was too busy gathering my new books and throwing them into my rucksack.


The opportunity of starting a fresh and the feeling of independence overwhelmed me. My family noticed this when I bounded into the kitchen for dinner. “So Princess Lilith of the ogres in the West Region has decided to show her face,” my younger brother muttered. My little sister regurgitated the coke she had been drinking in a fit of laughter. High schoolers, what are you going to do with them? “Go crawl back in your cave, Jonathan” I replied, referring to the shithole he called his room. He threw me a dirty look, picked up a bag of chips and exited the kitchen.


My sister strode across the kitchen towards me, attempting to imitate a model on a catwalk but ending up looking like a total twat. I thought about telling her this but we hadn’t had an argument for a whole week (even though I’d been hiding in my room for most of it). I wanted to keep it that way.


“So,” she said, looking me up and down. “You finally decided to come down for dinner...” There was a pause and when I didn’t reply she carried on, “well you’re going to eat alone. Though considering you’ve been a lone wolf all summer, I guess you won’t mind too much. Mom and Dad are working late at the office, Jonathan is being his usual sociable self and I’m going out.” That caught my attention. “Uh...you’re going out?” I stared at her in disbelief. Sometimes I forget that my little sister is a senior now.


“Yeah, with a few friends...” She trailed off and looked down at her nails. This was a sign that she was lying and knowing my little sister, she was not going out with a few people. Or a friend for that matter. No, this was a boy. A boy I doubted that my parents knew about. Shame I didn’t care about that stuff anymore. “Okay Paige,” I said in a bored tone. “Have fun with him.” Her eyes snapped back to my face and her mouth hung open. I stuck out my hand and closed her jaw. Paige’s eyes narrowed and she stormed out the room. She probably was heading towards her room to plaster on some makeup and squeeze into that slutty outfit she bought at the mall last weekend. I, on the other hand, turned back to the counter to finish making my cheese sandwich.


Bleep! I had just eaten my cheese sandwich when I heard the sound of someone’s cell phone go off. It was coming from outside in the hall. I walked out the kitchen and saw Paige’s cell phone on the table by the front door. Sauntering the table, I picked it up. “Paige, you left-“I started to call up the stairs, but then I noticed the display screen.

You have one new message from Mike Stone

Without a second thought I opened up the message and almost dropped the phone.

Hey babes, r u ready yet? X


I closed the message and (I know it was wrong but...) opened her inbox. Half the messages there were from you! By the looks of it, it wasn’t the first time she had met up with you. My heart pulse sped up. So she was going on a date tonight. With you!


Number Three: You were dating my little sister behind my back!

The End

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