Fifteen Things I Hate You ForMature

Daisy Summers has left the life of High School behind and is entering her first year at one of the top colleges in the state. She should be overwhelmed with joy to have been accepted. Except she's not. She's heartbroken thanks to her high school sweetheart Mike Stone.

We were the “Perfect Couple” at high school. Everybody thought so. In the school year book we were voted as the couple most likely to get married after graduation. So why, oh why, did not work out? I mean, we were an item for three years. Surely if we weren’t right together we would have realised before then.


It really bums me out, you know. Three years I wasted on you – not to mention the summer I spent crying my eyes out after you dumped me. I loved you! I still do, despite everything you had put me through. But do you know it? No, because you don’t even care about me anymore. You didn’t even have the guts to say it to my face, so instead you put it in a text. A text! A stupid, lousy, heartless text:


Dais, i think we shld start seeing other people.

Wif college & all, we hav a chance to start a fresh.

Meet new people, do new things. U know wot I mean?

I need my space & u need yours. Let’s not drag this thing over summer.

We can still b friends, right?

Sorry we had 2 end like this.

Great! You just showed me that not only do I not deserve to be dumped in person; I’m not even worth correct grammar. Way to make a girl feel appreciated!


So on that note, Michael Stone, let me start my list on the 15 things I hate you for.

Number One: You don’t know how to end relationships in a polite and gentlemanly manner.

The End

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