Um... this is a boy meets girl story, involving a particularly clumsy girl who's in love with someone in her biology set. Then one day luck finally comes her way and they become lab partners in biology :) Things get a little complicated, it's not finished yet but I hope you like it.


“When you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you’re going to believe them. And when you’re fifteen don’t forget to look before you fall. I’ve found time can heal almost anything” – Taylor Swift

The sound screamed in my ears, stealing me from my sleep; it was the alarm telling me to wake up. Just another manic Monday morning, again. Could I really bear another week at school? Or drag myself through a further twenty lesson? The thought was unbearable, let alone the reality.


“Stools up, and Lavinia don’t forget your textbook this time, please. You’ll be needing it to complete that essay,” screeched a sarcastic crow. (As much as I would like to tell you that the blushing idiot in the corner is just another poor soul, it’s actually me) I’m Lavinia Day, just your typical teenager; clumsy, forgetful, viewed by your parents as a failure for getting a B in a maths test and rebellious for wanting to go out on, heaven forbid, a school night.

A few sniggers broke out from the cha- sorry. “Students are not allowed to stereotype classmates, not matter which social group they may resemble or congregate with”. The Royals, as I like to call them- God I hate them, all four of them. They honestly believe that a planet filled with 5,999,999,996 other people revolves around themselves alone. They just expect everyone to worship the ground they walk on.

So of course they resent me, ‘Daddy’ doesn’t pay for me to have designer handbags, Channel perfume or manicures. I am dirt to them. Actually, I’m not even worthy of the title of dirt, that would indicate I was noticed. In fact, I’ve been invisible for most of my life. I’ve always been the anomaly, the outsider.

I know how this must all sound, like I’m some sort of depressed teenager who spends her entire life moaning. But in my defence, it’s hard to act like everything is alright when you have nothing to be happy about or look forward too. Or when you’re alone, amongst a war between your family at home and a constant battle at school. Ok, I’m not exactly being fair here. I haven’t been a complete larry my whole life. Friends are available to bail me out before I go entirely insane at school, but other than that I am alone.

The only other pleasant thing about my education is a certain someone in my class. Not just any someone, but the someone. Only, he hasn’t noticed me because he’s practically a GOD on earth and I’m, well, I’m me. That and the entire year/year below fancy the socks off of him too. His name is Matthew Hughes. Lavinia and Matthew, Matthew and Lavinia. Mrs Lavinia Hughes, Mr and Mrs...

“Lavinia, did you get that?” Oops, the bat is still talking to me. I do that, a lot. As in all the time. I just completely zonk out, and who can blame me when it’s about the almighty Matt? My modern-day Mr Darcy! Another reason why the Royals despise me, I read a lot. As in big fat old classics like George Elliott and Jane Austen. Oh wait, Miss Can’t-find-a-husband-Brewers...

“Yes, Miss. Got it right here.”

“That makes a first. Now that Lavinia is ready, I guess you can all go home. Class dismissed.” Ha-ha, she hates being reminded of the fact that she’s single. We’re supposed to call her Ms, but like I care anyway. Despite the fact that I couldn’t care less, in one week’s time I have officially finished year 10 and all of my exams. Instead of waiting till year 11 to take our GCSEs our school make it compulsory to take them a year early. And instead of waiting till the end of the year we had the exams before we had completed all of the courses. So immediately after finishing exams we went straight back to lessons. Yes, that makes complete sense. For a few subjects we haven’t finished all of the coursework so even though we’ve taken the exams, we have an extra two weeks to complete any unfinished work that also has to be sent off. (Then as a reward we have the summer holidays. Only to return in September to begin our AS Levels. Oh joy of joys)

Hence the thousand word essay Miss Brewers has just set our class, for Monday. It’s FRIDAY. As I was plotting evil schemes I was completely oblivious to my surroundings...

“Ouch!” Oh, my, days. How the hell am I that clueless? I have just walked smack into...

“Matthew! I am so sorry, really I’m...sorry. Wasn’t watching where I was going,” because I’m stupid, and blushing scarlet probably much to my embarrassment!

No, it’s fine. Really, I get it all the time. Don’t worry about it Lavinia,” he’s smiling the sweetest smile. Good grief, is it actually possible for a person’s heart to physically melt? Why are you so gorgeous! Stop teasing me!

“Actually it’s, uh, I prefer Vinny. Sorry.” Why on earth am I correcting him? But he just laughs. Is he laughing at me? Am I really that pathetic to him?

“Oh, really? I never knew that, I prefer Matt myself.” He winked. He winked! Don’t just stand there Vin, pull yourself together. Smile for crying out loud! I’m now smiling, probably looking like a right idiot.

“Well sorry again, I am so clumsy! But I’m also late, supposed to be meeting Lottie at the lockers.” Why am I telling him this, as if he cares. Wait, did he just, oh my days. Matthew Hughes just sighed at me! He doesn’t want me to go. He fixes his eyes on mine and says,

“I’m headed for the lockers myself. Mind if I join?” Are you kidding? Heck yes! However I decide to keep that to myself and say calmly back,

“Yeah, sure. If you want,” and smile. Keep calm Vin, keep calm. You’re doing great! Now we’re walking to the lockers together. Matthew and I, walking, talking, together. Eeep!

“So what’s the deal with you and Brewers? I mean, why does she hate you so much?”
“Oh right, the textbook thing. Right well a few weeks ago I forgot to take it home with me so was unable to write one of the killer essays she assigned.” He just laughs.

“God I hate that woman, I swear she has it in for everybody. Although she has a special disliking for you.” We carry on talking like this for some time before we finally reach the lockers. I see Lottie, rather impatient. I know because she’s folded her arms and there’s a frown appearing across her face. She spots me.

“Vin, where have you bee..?” She stops becoming speechless, now admiring the brown-eyed beauty beside me. Matthew is at least six or seven inches taller than Lottie, a few more than myself. But despite him towering over me, I feel safe. Comfortable, whereas normally I’m a nervous wreck around him.

“Sorry for keeping her Charlotte,” there’s that amazingly amazing smile again.

“No...problem...” It appears that he has this mesmerising affect on everyone.

“Well actually it’s my fault Lottie. You know how clumsy I am, I accidentally walked straight into him.” Suddenly remembering the incident has caused the embarrassing shade of red to return to my cheeks.

“So where are you two headed?” Oh no, he’s obviously bored and looking for an excuse to leave. Figures, of course Matthew Hughes was not enjoying spending time with me.

“Well I’m, uh. We’re, er..”
“Headed for my house actually,” I interrupted. It’s not Lottie’s fault, I know how shy she is. And it doesn’t help that the most attractive person in our life is standing right in front of her.

“Right, yes, you said you were in a hurry. Sorry again to keep you.” His angelic eyes were still locked on mine. Why was he doing this? Mixed signals or what?!

“Sorry again Matt. See you Monday.”

 “Bye then Vinny, we’ll have to catch up sometime. Take care of yourself,” once again he winks. My heart soars, becoming a rocket blasting through my chest.

“Sure, see you around Matt.” I smile back as Lottie and I turn to leave. Lottie is still speechless, as was I. A few minutes later we’re out of school and Lottie breaks the silence.

“Vinny, what just happened?” Lottie’s face was still full of bewilderment.
“I have absolutely no idea!” Filling the air with soft laughter, we carry on walking and say no more till we reach my house.

The End

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