Fiery Tempers, Icy Souls - Fragment

A fragment of a story i'm writing. The whole story will be posted soon.

The televisions spontaneously burst into life. A gasp of surprise echoed around the town. A booming voice crackled out of the set.

"We, your Government, pride ourselves on our justice system. We have set down these laws to ensure your safety and welfare. However, there is always someone amoungst us that insists on breaking these laws. These people must be punished."

"Aimee Sparrow, I know speak directly to you. You have comitted crimes worthy of death. If you do not pay this price, someone else will."

The camera zoomed in on a bruised man, trembling as he tried to hold himself upright.  It was unclear whether he was shaking due to fear or pain, but whichever it was, the emotion was strong within him.

His eyes sparkled with the essence of tears, but he refused to let them run down his bloody face.

At first it was difficult to see, but then it became clear.

I screamed.

Staring down the lense was the pained face of my father.

The End

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