One month after the second entry in FierraKara's journal, the organs had been completed. It was said that the children would be the first to get transplants, then women. Questions were asked, and answered. Questions such as: "How do you know the operation will go smoothly." And this question was answered: "Because we've already done three operations so far. Two doctors and a scientific expert."

The first child was fine. The second child had mild kidney problems, but tightening a few bolts fixed that. After about another month, when people realized there was no harm to this procedure, everyone began to sign up.

FierraKara was one of those children.

She lay on the operating table, unable to move, unable to breath for herself, struggling to open her eyes to yell, "I don't need this, nor do I want it! Leave me be!"

When she was finally able to slowly open her eyes, her brother and father were smiling down at her.

"Good morning, little sister! How are you feeling?"

"I feel very well, actually. Sort of like I am... Brand new."

Her brother smiled. "Well that is because you are, little sister! And guess what they found. You had the same disease as me and father, but since they transplanted all your organs, you don't have it any longer!"

Seeing her brother so happy made FierraKara regret yelling at him. She had not wanted this, this operation, but her brother and father had insisted. "For her own safety" they said.

But what began to happen the next day did not make any sense to her. Nor did it make sense to the scientists who orchestrated this procedure...

The End

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