Hollow of the Ancients

(Lol idk what's going on with the title. You guys are awesome. It makes me smile knowing that my work is appreciated. And 800 VEIWS! ahhhhhhhhhhhh *dies* I've been watching too much doctor who lately, Said no one ever. Anyway, Im sorry for wasting your time, you're probably here for the story, aren't you :) To hell with this. Let's get to it! Allons-y!) A swarm of blue-gray bats with glowing white eyes flooded from the huge, thick old-fashioned doors. Some of them were ensnared in the girl's hair, others made their way into the trees to get back to sleep. A few stragglers remained, and bit the strange trio of to-be heroes. They didn't do much damage, and were more annoying than dangerous. Kiki swung her zombie arm while Cole sliced them with his golden broadsword. Trin tossed around a wooden boomerang she fashioned with a rough sort of tree bark; quite shoddy at that, (Tied together with a rope, it still had a twig sticking out of it, complete with a leaf, Trin often complained about splintered hands) but still effective. The last of the bats ended up swirling away in a dark cloud, to find another home. Kiki almost felt sorry for them. The doors looked like they hadn't been used in ages. They were thick with dust and made an obnoxious grinding noise when opened. Cole drew his pure golden sword, Trin spun her boomerang tensely in her hand and Kiki curled her zombie arm into a fist. The tree was hollow and silent, besides the slamming of the doors, the room was quiet...
Besides a faint rapping of wood, shuffling, and scraping.

The End

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