Adventure time! (Not the show)

(I forgot my password again. :/ So anyway, i would love if you guys added characters. It makes the story much more interesting :3 Anyway 700 VEIWS? You guys are AMAZING OMG :D) "We should get out of the house." Cole said, sitting up. The sun was rising, and the zombies and slimes were fleeing into the woods, the demon eyes floating to the clouds. Trin smiled and scooped up carrots. "Yeah!" Kiki jumped out the door and stabbed the zombie arm into a green slime, exploding it upon impact. Cole laughed. "Weapons are quite useful as long as you know how to use them. There are some monsters you can't hide from in a house." Suddenly the humor in his eyes faded away, and was replaced by a faraway, paranoid look. "You've seen things, haven't you?" Kiki looked at him. He hesitated for a moment. Then he finally spoke. "Terrible things." She thought he was done talking, but then he said, "Corruption. Feilds of Corruption. There is a deep evil in this world. Can you cleanse it?" Okay, this was not Cole speaking anymore. His eyes were a deep purple, instead of the normal calf brown. Trin slapped him. "What the heck was that?" His eyes turned normal, and he said, "what was I doing? You just slapped me across the face!" He said, rubbing his cheek. "You got weird. Your eyes turned purple. It was freaking creepy." Kiki answered for her. Cole looked like he was thinking about something for a moment, but he didn't say anything. Kiki swung her zombie arm. "Let's go into the forest! I'm bored!" They ran to the forest, stumbling and laughing. Cole tripped over something... A tree. Not just any tree, this one was as tall as a skyscraper, with a pair of carved wooden doors on the front. The birds on the ground fluttered to the higher branches. Cole swung open the door...

The End

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