"HELP! HELP!" We heard screaming outside. "We have to help!" "What about the monsters?" Kiki cried. But Cole was already out the door. She sighed and grabbed the copper sword. She jumped out the door and ran to where the noise came from. A horrible undead creature was attacking a girl who looked around the same age as Kiki.  And a... Bunny? Was fighting it off... Cole slashed through the zombie. Its leg came clean off but it was still coming. Quickly I slashed at it with the copper sword, and it exploded into rotten body parts. "Nice one!" Guide exclaimed. It dropped some interesting things. The parts sunk into the ground, but an arm remained. "Thats a great beginner weapon." Cole said. "it's as good as Tungsten!" Something else was sitting in the pile... A rust iron shackle. "It will add to your defense, seeing as you don't have armor."  Cold said. "Now let's get this girl and her bunny back to the house." 

The End

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