Kiki and Cole

The small bunny licked and nibbled Trins arm softly. She began to start walking hoping to find another human. "Your name will be...carrots." She said looking at the bunny. "Cute right?" The bunny looked her and wiggled its little nose. Then it stopped. Carrots ears went up and it looked a bit menacing. There was a growl coming from the bushes. "Carrots.." Trin put down Carrots and took out her sword gaurding the two. Suddenly a horrid zombie reached its hand out from the bush and snatched Trins ankle. She screeched loudly as the zombie bit into her ankle sinking its rotted but sharp teeth into her skin. Blood poured from her ankle as Trin reached for her sword which she had dropped. Carrots saw Trin and attacked the creature. She never knew a bunny could be SK viscious. The zombie let go of her ankle but then grabbed her arm and yanked her back to the ground. She thudded into the dirt and screamed again. The zombie bit her arm and shoulder but then just like that its body parts fell to the ground and it made a weird noise. Trin was crying now and bleeding, her clean apperance ruined. Carrots hopped onto her lap and licked her.  She crawled onto a tree stump and yelled. "HELP!" She said managing all her strength. "HELP..." She said again. Trins vision was blurry and she fell to the ground.  Before she blacked out she felt two pairs of hands on her body as she was hoisted into the air.

The End

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