Trins Pov.

Trin woke up laying on the ground. She felt weird. "Blimey..." She mumbled rubbing her back. She stood looking around. "Where on earth am I..." Trin mumbled again. She sighed and looked down. Trin saw that she had oddly clean clothes on. Her hair had been pulled back into a tight ponytail. The sky was a deepish purple and pink. "Oh man how long have I been out?" Trin said looking at the sky. She suddenly felt the weight of a backpack on her shoulders. She reached back and plopped the bag on the ground. Trin opened it and peered inside. There was an Axe, a pickaxe, and a sword. She hasn't the faintest idea what these were for, nevertheless had did she know how to use them. Trin stood up swinging the backpack over her shoulder. "Alright well its almost dark and I've got nothing to hide in." She said to herself. She heard s faint rustle in the forest behind her. She began to get worried. "Hello?" She called into the darkness. No answer. "Is-is anybody out there?" Trin called again. A bush nearby rustled. She reached back for her sword. "Who's there?!" She yelled. Suddenly a blur of white ran between her legs. She whipped around and stared at the adorable bunny that was sitting there looking at her blankly. She scooped it up and held it still looking around. This was some place.

The End

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