"Make sure you're stacking them evenly." Kiki and Cole rebuilt the third wall for the 5th time. "How are you ever going to build a roof at this rate?" Cole complained. "It's almost night. I hear some noises coming from the woods." He was right, they had about an hour until the sun went down. "Maybe you should help, instead of telling me what to do!" "I'm a guide, that's what I'm supposed to do!" "Well, it isn't helping right now!" They argued for about forty-five minutes until the walls were done. "Now what? There's no door!" "Make a crafting bench and I'll show you how to make one." Cole said calmly. The crafting bench was surprisingly easy to make. Cole showed her how to flatten the wood and turn it into a door, and how to hinge it in the hole. They had a shelter, but it was very dark. "I can't see anything!" Kiki exclaimed. "Take this gel." Cole told her. Kiki grabbed something. "Hey! Give it up!" She said, pulling on it. "Kiki, that's my nose. Hold your hands out." Cole sighed, exasperated. Kiki obeyed, and felt something squishy falling into her hands. "Now smear it on top of a stick." Cole instructed. "Now take another stick and rub it on the gelled one." After fumbling for a few seconds, Kiki managed to create a tiny flame. The area was immediately lit up. "To make some more useful things you're going to need to go mining, which will give you very useful resources like iron and other metals. Here, I think I have a diamond or two on me." Cole took the torch and placed the clear sparkly gem under the gel. The flame turned white and became much brighter than before. "Slime gel never stops burning. It's flammable, but since some slimes have adapted to live in harsh places like the underworld, so the gel is flammable, for offense, but it can't painfully burn, for defense." Cole explained.

The End

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