Through the trees was a pretty flat meadow by a stream. "It's kinda boring, but it's housed many settlements of previous ownership."I've taught many great heroes, like Gold, Slayer of Ocram, and Rypyd, Slayer of the Wyvern. They all started out like you, so don't feel too bad. But you still have a lot to learn about this world." Cole told Kiki. "If we want to last the night, then we need to build a house. There should be an axe in your bag." Kiki looked in and pulled out a sharp-looking copper axe. "Go back to the forest and chop down a few trees to make walls and a crafting bench. In order for a house to be considered a home, it must have a table, a chair and a light source. There are other things houses require if you want to get very far, like various crafting stations, but we'll get to that later. Right now, our main Priority is to get a shelter prepared for the night." Cole told her. They headed to the forest. Kiki heaved with all her might against a tree trunk. It came down surprisingly quickly, and in large chunks. She put them in her backpack. "That should be enough. Let's go, shall we?" Cole asked. "Alright, but I'm not a very good builder. I expect some help." Kiki told him, smiling. They walked to the meadow, and prepared to build the new house.

The End

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