The Guide

(Hey, I wrote like 3 chapters then realized I couldn't remember my password, so I made a new one.)The jelly lump was gnawing on Kiki's arm, slowly sucking her life force. A strange looking guy burst out of the brush, brandishing a similar but larger, shinier golden sword. He sliced the slime ball thing and it exploded into gel lumps, which he picked up and slipped into his pocket. Are you okay? He said, helping her up. He examined her arm. "A little bit of damage, but time heals all wounds. Actually, you know what... Take this." He said, reaching into a similar backpack and handing her a little vial of red liquid. Cautiously, she sipped it, and the marks the jelly thing left on her skin slowly faded. "Lesser healing potion. Heals wounds and it's strawberry flavored!" He grinned. "Just remember not to take too much at one time." "So what's your name?" Kiki asked him. "I'm Cole. I've been around a bit, so I feel the need to teach people like you how to survive in this land. And you are?" "Kiki." "Great, Kiki, let's get a settlement started. There's a nice place up ahead to build a shelter for the night." "Are there more jelly monsters at night?" Kiki asked, starting to feel scared. "There are much more dangerous creatures at night.  That green slime is just about the weakest one you'll come across. Without armor, you'll be killed, and I promised myself I would never let that happen again." The grin left his face which was replaced by sadness and regret. "She was taken by that demon, Eye Of Cthulhu. All because I didn't do my job well enough." "Don't be too hard on yourself. You saved me from that green slime, didn't you?" He didn't say anything.

The End

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