The Beginning

Kiki wakes up in a world she's never seen before. As she progresses, she will defeat monsters, explore the world, and acheive greatness.
But she can't do it alone.
(Feel free to add any characters!)

Kiki woke up on the forest floor. She didn't know where she was or where she was supposed to be. In fact, it was like she had just been dropped into this world. Her clothes were even clean. She was wearing red converse, a brownish purple sweater with a greenish white shirt poking out and a jean skirt that looked brand new. Her long, blonde hair was tied in a neat ponytail, like it had been freshly brushed and tied up. She tried to stand up, realizing she was wearing a new canvas backpack. She reached inside, yelping at a sharp pain on her finger. More carefully this time, she reached down and pulled out a sword and pickaxe. They, too looked freshly made and sharpened, and they looked like they were made of a shiny reddish brown metal. Copper? She looked around, surveying the forest. A few birds swooped through the sky, but nothing else. It seemed peaceful until the bushes rustled, and out hopped something that looked like a living lump of jello. She gasped as it bit down on her arm, and her vision went red.

The End

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